I have officially hit the “30 POUNDS GONE” mark

This nutrition system has helped me become the most healthiest version of ME I have ever been. I have not been below 230 pounds since I was a junior in high school. I was a tight 38” waist and threw out two garbage bags of clothes that didnt fit anymore – I am now a loose 34” waist (meaning the 2 shorts, 2 swim trunks and new pair of jeans I got 3 weeks ago are now too baggy).

I have been doing GoldsFit at Golds Gym now for more that 8 years. I have not changed my workout routine, I simply changed what I ate. Protein Pacing and Nutritional Fasting has changed not only my body, but my outlook, my confidence, and my profession. My head is clear, my energy is through the roof, I sleep like a baby, look younger, feel younger, and everyone around me has watched this transformation and now asking “What the f*&# did you do?”

If you want to lose the extra weight, feel better, look better, and get your life and energy “unstuck” – what are you waiting for?